Here are some links to videos taken at the 2016 Canadian Cross Country Championships in Kingston on November 26th.
If there are other videos you would like to see posted here just send us the link, thanks.

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Canadian Running Videos
Tyler Dozzi
Tyler Dozzi interview
U20 Women's race
U20 Women's race
Hannah Bennison
Hannah Bennison interview
U20 Men
U20 Men's race
Ehab El-Sandali
Ehab El-Sandali interview
Finish LineU20 Finish line (W & M)
Master's race
Master's race
Open Women's race
Open Women's race
Sasha Gollish
Sasha Gollish Interview
Open Men's race
Open Men's race
Ross Proudfoot
Ross Proudfoot interview
Athletisme Quebec
Jeunesse Femmes
4km Jeunesse Femmes
Jeunesse Hommes
6km Jeunesse Hommes
Juniors Femmes
6 km Juniors Femmes
Juniors Hommes
8km Juniors Hommes
Seniors Femmes
10km Seniors Femmes
Seniors Hommes
10km Seniors Hommes


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